Forms can be found under the department areas that they are most relevant to.  You can scroll through this page to find the form you need or you can use the index below to navigate to sections of the page. The forms are in various formats dependent on the use of the form, common formats include Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel workbooks, HTML formats, and PDFs.  If you have the appropriate software on your computer downloading a form is as simple as clicking on the form’s title. 

A “File Download” window may appear asking if you want to open or save the file.  You can select either option, though, if you want to view the form it is more direct to select open and then save or print the form after it has opened. Some forms are to be printed and photocopies should then be produced as needed. 

Please do not make photocopies of photocopies

Other forms are padded and distributed by the support office as needed, these forms are available here for your viewing convenience and should not be printed for use.  Some forms are to be saved to your computer’s “My Documents” for later use in a variety of ways which might include saving files to a new name and e-mailing them. If a form is padded and thus distributed by the support office an “order” link will be available.  The “order” link opens an email that will be addressed to the appropriate person in the support office.  Please use this link to request more forms.  

Be sure to plan ahead and order more forms when inventories are low, not entirely depleted

Please keep in mind that some files are large and will take time to download, please have patience.  If you have any problems downloading forms please contact the support office.  

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Accounting Engineering Food & Beverage
Front Office General Manager Housekeeping
Sales & Marketing Loss Prevention  
Purchasing Personnel / Payroll  



Direct Bill Application        
Expense Report        
Expense Tracking Journal        


Electrical Breaker Inventory Instructions        
Equipment Identification Label Instructions        
Equipment Maintenance And Repair Data Card        
Monthly Boiler Inspection Log Sheet        
Monthly Maintenance Schedule        
Swimming Pool Inspection Log Sheet        
Valve Inventory        
Air Filters        
Light Bulb Inventory        
PM Checklist: Exterior        
PM Checklist: Corridor        
PM Checklist: Banquet/Meeting Space        
PM Checklist: Guest Room        
PM Checklist: Lobby / Front Desk        


Food & Beverage

Complimentary Continental Breakfast Standards      
Purchasing Products for Comp Breakfast

Front Office

Best Western Audit Checklist        
Best Western_Credit Card Authorization        
Best Western Property Map        
Best Western Release From Liability        
Best Western Shift Checklists        
Best Western Welcome Letter        
Contractor Vendor Sign In Sheet        
Days Inn Audit Checklist        
Days Inn_Credit Card Authorization        
Days Inn Property Map        
Days Inn Release From Liability        
Days Inn Welcome Letter        
Flash Report        
Group Inquiry Form        
Guest Call Back Log Sheet        
Guest Resolution Log Sheet        
Key Sign Out Sheet        
Local Availability        
Service Request Log        
Shuttle Sign Up Sheet        
Under 21 Liability Form        
Wakeup Call Log        
OPH_Front Desk Check List


General Manager



Hotel Effectiveness Housekeeping Input Sheet         
Public Space Cleaning & Checklist        
Linen Inventory And Lost Linen Sheets        
Key Sign Out Sheet        
Expense Tracking Journal        
Daily Payroll Sheet        
Bed Bug Room Inspection        
Purchasing for Housekeeping (including Vendor Vendor Pricing Analysis)        
Breakfast Attendant Checklist        
Vendor Pricing Analysis        
Best Western Houseperson I        
Best Western Houseperson II        
Best Western Houseperson III        
Days Inn Houseperson I        
Days Inn Houseperson II        
Days Inn Houseperson III        
Room Inspection Report        


Loss Prevention

Safety Inspection Record        
Incident Report        


Personnel / Payroll

All Employee Training Meeting Schedule        
Application for Employment        
Change of Status        
Company Property Inventory        
Direct Deposit Access Form        
Engineering Ongoing Training Schedule        
Executive Office Key Responsibility        
Exit Interview Questions        
Front Office Ongoing Training Schedule        
Housekeeping Ongoing Training Schedule        
Managers Checklist for New Hires        
Master Key Responsibility        
New Hire Orientation Checklist        
Notification Form of Employee Violations        
Performance Appraisal        
Performance Appraisal Supervisor        
Performance Evaluation-GSA        
Performance Evaluation-Room Attendant        
Performance Evaluation-Maintenance        
Performance Evaluation-Night Auditor        
PTO form         
Reference Checking Form        
Request for Overtime Form        




Sales & Marketing

Best Western Reservation Script        
Daily Rate Sheet        
Group Inquiry Form        
Reservations Checklist        
Reservations Checklist Description        
Res Stroke Sheet        
Weekly Revenue Forecast – Combined        






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