Assigning rooms to the Room Attendants to clean is done by using a Room Assignment Form. These Room Assignment Forms are a very important document and tool that are used every single day in the housekeeping department. A room assignment is a list of rooms with the house status of each that is given to a room attendant for them to complete each day. The property management system (PMS) at your hotel most likely has a housekeeping module capable of printing room assignments automatically vs. prior methods of hand writing the room assignments onto a form. This prior method of writing everything out is very time consuming and is not error proof. You may miss pertinent information by transferring the printed data to written data such as, the status of a room or you may miss writing an entire room number down and that would result in a very unhappy guest because their room did not get cleaned. To insure accuracy, all of the room assignments distributed at your hotel should be printed directly from the PMS. One thing you need to be sure of is that no guest information is shown on the printout. Room assignments are most likely left on the maids cart out in the open and anybody that walks by can read it and gain guests location. To assign the room for housekeeping service you must identify the status of the room. A guest room will be identified with one of the following status labels each day:
Checkout: The guest is departing for the day and the room requires full service
Stay Over: The guest is remaining in the room for another day and requires partial/stay over service.
There are many different PMS and they often have various codes to note these status labels so make sure you and your team are familiar with what codes are used.
Once you have a printed room assignment sheet you must assign one attendant to a list and record a “target time.” A target time or ending time shows a room attendant when they must have all of the rooms on their room assignment sheet finished. This is a critical task and must be done each day and on each room assignment sheet. The housekeeping department is measured on efficiency and how many minutes are spent cleaning in each occupied room. The industry standard minutes per occupied room (Min POR) is 30.
Calculating the target time is a simple formula which is 30 minutes allowed for each due out (check-out) and stay over. Once you have figured how much time it would take the room attendant to complete there list, plus their lunch break, you can use this formula to determine what time the room attendant should be finished working for the day and this time becomes your target time.
The room assignment sheets are to be prepared early each day before the room attendants arrive and are to be distributed to the room attendants at the Daily Line Up. Please be sure you have checked the following items before you distribute your room assignments:
Each of the room attendants should have a room assignment sheet pre-printed and placed on a clipboard w/ a pen ready for distribution. All of the room attendants should have a clipboard with a pen so it is easy for them to update their sheets and it keeps the papers organized and less crumpled. All of the room assignment sheets are saved and may be referred to in the future so it is important that they are not crumpled, stained or illegible. The boards should be kept clean and professional. No stickers, doodles, etc.
Room Attendant’s Name
Target Time has been recorded.
Be sure there is a space for the room attendant to write the starting and ending time for each room.
List of the rooms and the status for each
A place to right life safety or maintenance issues for the corresponding room or location
Special Projects or cleaning focus point for the day should be written on the sheet
A place for the room attendant to sign the sheet at the end of their shift
Reminder!!!! No Guest Name or information should be on the room assignment sheets
Reminder!!!! Any Room with a Do Not Disturb or No Service Requested must be reported to the section supervisor.
All room assignment sheets should be filed by date and kept for one month in the immediate housekeeping office area. This will help you offer an immediate answer to any guest or room number issues.



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