The purpose of the daily line up is to review your staff’s appearance and to focus their attention toward the days work. It is also an opportunity for staff to provide valuable feedback back to the supervisory team about equipment or product needs that may be impacting the department.
Each morning the housekeeping manager or person filling in as that role is required to conduct “The Daily Line Up” with all of the housekeeping staff that are scheduled for the day. The meeting should be no more than 10-15 minutes long and should start before the room attendants begin cleaning rooms. The meeting should be in the general working area; such as, around the time clock, break-room or, housekeeping offices. There are Five Key items that should be on the agenda every morning to be reviewed and they are:
1. Staff Appearance
2. Discuss Any VIP’s, Groups or, Tours
3. Service Point for the Day
4. Cleaning Focus Point or Special Cleaning Projects for the Day
5. Room Assignments & Keys Distributed
Each of the items is listed below in detail and offers examples. The items on the agenda should be reviewed in that order to keep the attendants concentration and focus during the meeting. If you give them their room assignments first, then they may be reviewing the rooms they were assigned and thinking or planning instead of, listening to other critical items on the agenda.
Appearance: The first thing the manager needs to review is the appearance of each room attendant from top to bottom. If any of the employees do not comply with the items on the list below they will not be allowed to work until the issue is resolved. This may result in them being sent home for the day. Make sure you check:
All employees are wearing the approved uniform with a nametag and closed toe shoes. Their uniform needs to be clean, neat & ironed; No modifications added.
Hair is groomed and neat, unnaturally colored hair and extreme hairstyles are not appropriate or professional. Mustaches and beards (if permitted) must be clean and well trimmed.
Excessive makeup is not permitted. Perfume, cologne and aftershave is used in moderation or avoided altogether.
Offensive body odor and poor personal hygiene are not permitted
Jewelry should not be functionally restrictive, dangerous to job performance, or excessive.
Facial Jewelry such as, eyebrow rings, nose rings, lip rings and tongue studs are not allowed. Torso body piercings with visible jewelry or jewelry that can be seen through or under clothing must not be worn during business hours.
Visible excessive tattoos and similar body art must be covered during business hours.
Discuss Any VIP’s, Groups or, Tours staying at the hotel: The staff likes to be involved and aware with what is going on at the hotel. Making them aware of VIP’s and groups will also help them prepare when cleaning those particular rooms. For instance a soccer team may have numerous rooms and require more time to remove trash or they may require more towels which can help the room attendant bring more towels on her cart.
Service Point for the Day: It is important for the staff to remember that they are guest service agents. They interact and engage the guests just as other employees of the hotel do. In order to maintain a high level of guest service throughout the hotel where your employees are working, the department should have a Service Point Calendar which has service points that will be reviewed with the staff each day during the line up. During your daily line up the service point should be discussed openly with the staff. Use examples of how they can interact and engage the guests using your daily service point. Get feedback from the staff on there exchanges with the guests. There should be any where from 10-20 different service points and they should be rotated after 10 or 20 days back to the beginning. Below are list of example service points that could be on your calendar:
Welcome the guest to our hotel and geographic location. Tell them something about the area, an attraction or historic area.
Smile & use appropriate, professional language when speaking with guests. Use the guest’s name.
Make sure your appearance is professional.
Take Pride in your work area! The most likely place for you to interact with a guest will be over or near your maid’s cart. Be sure your cart is neat and tidy!
Cleaning Focus Point or Special Project for the Day: Each of the room attendants should be advised if there are any special cleaning projects for the day or focus points in the guest rooms that should be addressed. You should review the project with the team and instruct them on how to clean the item or space and what chemicals to use. This may require adding additional tools or cleaning supplies to the carts. The cleaning focus or cleaning project should be also be written or typed on the room assignment sheets. Examples of cleaning focus points or special cleaning projects would be:
Bathroom Tile grout
Door Tracks
Bathroom Vents
AC Vents
High dusting
Low dusting
Adding or removing a piece of collateral from the room
Moving the location of something in the room, such as furniture or amenity placement
Room Assignments & Keys Distributed: Before the attendants are released, the room assignment s should be distributed and keys should be signed out for the day.
See the following Exhibits in the Housekeeping Checklists & Forms section at the end of this document:
  Exhibit D – Room Attendant Key Sign Out Sheet
  Exhibit E – Management Key Sign Out Sheet
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