Room inspections are a necessary and critical component to the housekeeping operation at any hotel. The room inspection process is our last chance to make a perfect first impression on guests. The responsibility of room inspections may be under the housekeeping manager or supervisor. In larger hotels there may be designated room inspector positions. However, at all hotels all rooms must be inspected each day and the department must have a good process in place for completing this serious task. The room inspection process is outlined below in chronological order, as it would happen in a typical housekeeping day:
1. Room inspections must start within the first hour room attendant’s start cleaning. It is not affective to wait 2-5 hours, towards the end of the day, to inspect rooms.
2. All rooms (due-outs and stay-overs) must be inspected every day and a room inspection form must be used. The form should have a space for: the property, the inspector, the room number, who cleaned the room; if the room passes or fails, a list of each item to be inspected in the room and five columns to do five room inspections on one sheet. An “X” should be placed on the sheet next to the item that needs attention.
3. As rooms are inspected, room attendants must be sent back to rooms where cleaning was not done correctly. As the room inspector you must do this immediately after you inspect the room. You also must remember that you are not helping the room attendant by fixing their mistakes. You will only continue to find mistakes as you keep inspecting.
4. When you send a room attendant back to a room, you must go into the room with s/he and coach them by showing them where the mistake is and explaining how to fix the problem(s). Never just tell a room attendant about an issue in a room and expect them to go back and find exactly what you are talking about and take care of it. If you find life safety or maintenance issues you should bring the room attendant back and show them what you have found and how to proceed with maintenance request orders or life safety orders.
5. Once the room has been inspected it must be entered back into the Property Management System as clean – vacant if a due out or just clean if a stay-over. This helps the front desk employees check –in guests without having to interrupt the housekeeping manager or room inspector to ask if a room has been clean. They will already know and can check the guest in without making the guest wait.
6. The room inspection forms should be kept and filed for one month with other paperwork for the day such as room assignment sheets, key sign out sheets etc. At the end of the month the all of the room inspection forms should be stored with other hotel financial records for the month.
The housekeeping manager or person filling in as that role needs to inspect what they expect! This means they need to inspect the rooms that the room inspectors have already checked. If there are items in the room that require attention then the room inspector should be brought back to the room and coached on the issue. The room inspector will then make sure the room attendant has taken care of the issue.
The General Manager also needs to inspect what they expect and should inspect 5 rooms a day that have been double inspected, by the room inspector and housekeeping manager, if there are issues in the room the housekeeping manager should be coached and then notify the appropriate staff to fix the problem.
Remember if there ever is a problem in the room it is not the room attendants fault, it is the room inspectors.
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