The kind of service that our guests receive over the phone is as important as the service they get in person at your hotel. It is important that every phone interaction reflect high standards of friendliness and efficiency and be a positive impact on the guest perception of the quality of service at your hotel. Not only does it make a positive impression, it helps business because guests who feel positive about your service will select your hotel to stay at.


All phones are to be answered within three rings.
When the phone is answered, you should speak clearly and slowly, and have a welcoming upbeat tone to your voice. Remember you want them to feel like they are getting service. Smile when you talk. A smile helps you sound more relaxed and pleasant
Always Speak Clearly into the receiver
Always tell the caller your name and try to get theirs, then use it throughout the call
Answer using the appropriate greeting appointed by your hotel management. It may be something like “It’s a beautiful day at the (Name + Location of your hotel), how may I assist you?”
If you have to transfer the call to a room, or to an in-house extension, you should always confirm where you are transferring them and use the following line: ” I am transferring you to Room 425, it is my pleasure to connect you”
If you are answering an in-house line from a guest in the room, use the guest name if your system shows the room number and name along with the following greeting: “Good evening/morning Mr. Smith, this is Angie at the Front Office How may I assist you?”
If you have to place a call on hold, make sure you inform them and ask them if it is OK. When you take them off of hold, you must thank them. The exchange should go like this: “Mr. Smith I will need to put you on hold just for a minute, will that be OK with you?” Then when coming back “Mr. Smith thank you very much for holding, here is the information you asked for….”
Always take the time to give proper phone service, even if you are really busy. The guests on the phone expect it, and the actual physical time it takes to do it right is only the matter of a few seconds. Do it right every time. Talk to only the person on the phone, not to anyone else around you. If you absolutely have to speak to someone else in the room ask permission to place the caller on hold.
Do not use slang or lazy vocabulary like, “Huh? Yeah,” etc.
Do not use technical terms or hospitality words that callers may not understand
Do not argue with guest. Transfer them to the MOD using the same protocol defined above.
If you are on a call and another call comes in, you must “stack” the calls. This is done by placing the caller you are with on hold, and answering the incoming call. You must immediately transfer the call (remember the script above!) or get their callback information and offer to call them back. You then go back to your original call and complete that call. It is never OK to not answer every call within three rings.
Someone must man the phone at all times. During breaks, and busy times, no matter what. If you feel can not give great service on the phone then ask your manager for assistance.
Closing a call is just as important as the opening and greeting of the call. Always say thank you or you are welcome. Try to use the callers name whenever possible and say “good bye” not “bye-bye” or “buh-bye”
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