Any storage room, closet, laundry room or, office is typically labeled as a “back of house” area at a hotel. The back of the house should be kept just as tidy, clean and, organized as the front of house area at a hotel for two reasons.
Time is wasted when things are not organized and clean
Guests may see into these restricted spaces as they are passing by.
Any front of house areas would be places such as, lobby, front desk, breakfast room, etc. Basically any area that is in guest view or a guest has access to during their stay. Even a glimpse into a storage closet can leave a lasting impression on a guest. It is your responsibility to make sure these areas are always clean, organized, safe and, are in good appearance. Many of these areas become so unorganized that they are wasting space and time instead of doing there actual job of storing department products in an organized fashion for quick and easy access. They also become dirty and if left without attention for very long can become dangerous for employees to work out of.
In order to manage the back of house areas at your hotel there are a few key steps that can be taken. These steps are outlined below
1. First identify all back of house areas. Take a blue print of your property and number or label all of the storage rooms and closets.
2. Determine what the best use of the space is for each room or closet. As you determine what the space will be used for it is important to note if any of the rooms have structural items that can not be moved and or require specific attention. For example electrical breaker boxes, these sorts of items require a certain amount of free space to be withheld around the box. That may impact your storage management.
3. Clean out the space. Remove all objects from the space to clean and repair necessary items. This is also a good time to paint things if necessary and throw away old junk that has collected over time and the hotel doesn’t need or use anymore.
4. Re-stock the space with the appropriate supplies or equipment that was determined in step two.
5. Label the storage room door and place an inventory sheet on the inside of the door which notifies all employees of what is in the space. The shelves should also be labeled with the specific items located in the storage room. These inventory sheets should be updated as things are removed and used.
6. Create a cleaning schedule to ensure that the storage rooms are cleaned and inspected daily or weekly as needed.

Housekeeping Guest Room Floor Storage:

Typically there are storage rooms on each guest room floor of a hotel. These spaces should be set up and used to service the guest rooms for that floor or immediate space. Remember housekeeping is measured and graded on efficiency so the quicker and easier it is for the room attendants, houseman and, other staff to turn around guest rooms the better the department will look as a whole. A big component to cleaning a guest room is the flow of linen and product to and from the guest room. This particular process can eat away lots of time if the department does not have organized systems and functional storage rooms. In order to setup your guestroom floor storage you need to decide how many rooms will be serviced from each storage room. Once you have decided that then you can figure what the minimum linen supplies, cleaning supplies, guest supplies and, maids cart supplies, if necessary, are needed in the room. After you have figured these numbers then you can stock the space and maintain a PAR Level sheet on the back of the door. This sheet will let the houseman know which items and how many need to be in the storage room at the beginning and ending of each day.
The following are keys items that need to be used and remembered when setting up housekeeping guest room floor storage.
All storage rooms on a guest room floor should be labeled (named) and have an inventory sheet on the inside of the door indicating what the supply and linen par levels are. The doors to these spaces should always be kept locked.
During housekeeping department hours (8:00AM – 4:00PM) these spaces should only house a certain amount of linen, cleaning supplies and guest supplies for the room attendants to service an amount of guest rooms within the immediate area. They should also be set up as the drop off and pick up points for dirty laundry and trash. If the hotel has a laundry chute then all laundry should be dropped down the chute. If the hotel doesn’t have a laundry chute then the storage rooms should contain two linen trucks one for dirty laundry and one for trash. This keeps dirty laundry and trash from piling up in the hallways which is in the guest view.
The linen/trash trucks should be placed in the storage rooms after housekeeping has start cleaning in the morning and they have removed their maids cart from the room. The linen / trash trucks need to be removed from the storage closet when the last round of trash and laundry has been picked up from the space and before the room attendants stock and store their maids cart for the evening.
The houseman’s responsibility is to make rounds to these pick up points and remove the soiled linen and trash and drop off fresh clean supplies for the room attendants to use. Remember the room attendants should never stop cleaning rooms to run dirty laundry or trash or retrieve fresh supplies. They must continuously clean guest rooms.
During non housekeeping hours these rooms should house the maid’s carts. When a room attendant has finished everything on his / her room assignment the cart should be taken to the storage room and re-stocked completely with linen and guest supplies. The cleaning caddy should be taken the central location where chemicals can be refilled.

Additional housekeeping storage needs:

Master Linen Closet – This closet would house all new purchased linen that has not been opened. Only one to two people should have access to the room and strict inventories need to be kept over the room. Anything that goes in or out of the room should be recorded on a linen / supply request sheet.
Rollaway & Crib Storage – depending on the size of your guestroom floor storage areas you may have room for roll-away beds in these spaces.
Pillows, blankets, mattress pads, comforters – only a limited number of each of these items should be placed in each of the guest room floor storage spaces. If you separate these items over the various guestroom floor storage spaces you will not have to waste one storage closet with just these items.
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